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Customize your risk workflow stages
March 20, 2023

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We are excited to announce the release of our latest risk workflow functionality in 6clicks, designed to uplift how you manage risk in your organization. The new features provide a more customizable and streamlined approach to your risk management process.

Custom Risk Workflow Stages

With the new risk workflow functionality, you can now create custom stages for your risk management process. You can define each stage according to your needs and requirements, ensuring the process is tailored to your organization. Whether you need to perform a risk assessment, implement controls, or review risks, you can now do so in a structured and organized manner.

Selecting Fields to be Completed in Each Stage

The new functionality also allows you to select which fields are to be completed in each stage, meaning that you choose the necessary information from your team members to capture or update at each stage. This means your risk management process is easily repeatable and followed across the organization, saving time and ensuring best practices.

Defining Stage Entry and Exit

You can set which fields can be updated at each stage and define the entry and exit conditions for each stage. This ensures that your users do not deviate from your organization's prescribed risk management flow, skipping steps and not inputting critical information, giving you and your stakeholders greater control and confidence in your organization's risk management capability.

Stage Requirements

It's also possible to now set stage field requirements. This allows you to predefine what field values must be selected before the user is able to move on to the next stage. This provides a flexible approach to designing workflows to meet your organization's needs while ensuring the proper guardrails are in place to help your users step through the risk lifecycle, no matter their experience.

Adding Instructions at Each Stage

In addition to customizing the risk management process stages, the new functionality allows you to add instructions at each stage for users to view and reference. This helps to ensure that everyone involved in the risk management process understands their responsibilities and the steps they need to take. In addition, users can easily access the instructions, making it easy for them to complete each stage correctly.

Control at the Hub

Lastly, for teams on Hub and Spoke, you can define your risk workflow stages, including fields and entry and exit conditions, at the hub and push your workflow configuration down to all your spokes. Or, allow the workflow configurations to be defined separately at each spoke. The choice is yours!

The newly released risk workflow functionality in 6clicks provides a more efficient and customizable approach to managing risk in your organization. With the ability to create custom stages, select fields to be completed in each stage, define stage entry and exit conditions and add instructions at each stage, you can now manage risk in a structured and organized manner. Risk management just got even more powerful with 6clicks.

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