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Release Notes: 9 November, 2023
November 9, 2023
Release notes

Risk module: control effectiveness

Control Effectiveness.gif

We're excited to announce significant updates to the "Controls & Compliance" tab in risk details, designed to streamline how risk professionals manage and interact with control details within the risk module.

Gain instant access to a control's essential information around the control's effectiveness and performance from the newly updated side panel menu showing control details, including:

Issues & incidents

You can now view issues that are linked to a control under the issues tab. Search, filter and view the latest 31 days of linked issues.

Audits & assessments

In the Assessments tab, you'll find a half-year's worth of control assessments (including requirement-based and questionnaire-based assessments) at your fingertips. Clicking on an assessment reveals the detailed results of the question and responses, including attachments.

Control responsibilities

Lastly, the Responsibilities tab lists all tasks linked to the control. A click provides the details of each responsibility, including the workflow stage, comments, and related attachments for complete task visibility.

These enhancements will empower risk management professionals with more information at the right time when managing risks.

Learn more here.

Streamlined team switching & management

Switching teams.gifWe're excited to announce our new simplified team-switching capability. Gone are the days of juggling multiple accounts or losing track of which team you're working with. Our latest update includes the following:

  • Instant team switching: Jump between teams with just a click; no more logging in and out.

  • Easy team management: Link all your teams under one account and manage them effortlessly.

  • Automatic updates: If you change a password, we'll guide you in ensuring your teams remain linked.

Experience the freedom of fluid movement across your projects and teams!

Learn more here.

Success Launchpad

Success Launchpad.gif

The Success Launchpad is a new capability allowing users to access our expert guides anywhere in 6clicks. It's available in both Growth and Hub & Spoke environments for admin and non-admin users, excluding Trust Portal Viewers and Response Only users.

Our team will continue to add expert guides to the Success Launchpad, but if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always reach us at

Everything else

  • Ability to bulk delete third parties

  • Ability to link multiple controls to an Issue internally and from the control set

  • Ping ID support for SSO

Additionally 19 bug fixes across the platform.

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