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Improvements to control management
June 5, 2024
Release notes

We're excited to announce several new improvements focused on increasing the configurability and effectiveness of control management, ensuring your organization can better meet regulatory standards, security frameworks, and internal policies.

New feature highlights:

  • Control set custom fields:

    • We've Introduced custom fields for control sets to enhance data classification and reporting.

    • Users can create and manage custom fields, define field types (drop-down or text), and set applicability (control set, obligation set, etc.).

    • Custom fields appear in the side panel for easy categorization and updating of controls.

    • Customized control views and filter functionality for sorting controls by custom fields.

  • Hub & Spoke-ready:

    • Hub users can also configure custom fields centrally and push them to Spokes.

  • Bulk updates:

    • Edit multiple controls simultaneously within a control set from the controls table.

  • Detailed control view:

    • Access more information for controls linked to risks, assessments, and assigned tasks, improving the Tasks, Risks, and Audits & Assessments modules.

  • Enhancements to reporting & analytics:

    • Segregate control data based on custom fields for targeted and insightful reports.

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