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Hailey GPT for Audits & Assessments
December 19, 2023

Question-based assessments can now be easily responded to with Ask Hailey, powered by our latest generation Hailey GPT engine, guiding users through the response process and providing helpful suggestions for answers based on previous assessment responses. 

Answer Retrieval 

Hailey intelligently retrieves relevant information from past responses, regardless of the different question structures. By analyzing the context and content of the questions, Hailey can provide users with the most relevant information to support their responses. 

Generated Answers 

The system goes beyond simple answer retrieval by generating answers based on the interpretation and combination of past responses. By analyzing patterns in previous answers, Hailey can generate high-quality responses that are tailored to the specific requirements of the assessment question. 


Users can preview and attach relevant files suggested by Hailey, such as screenshots or supporting documents. Hailey recommends relevant file attachments that can provide additional context or support for the user's responses. 

Data Boundaries 

Hailey's data is limited to the Spoke team and respondent group within a team, ensuring the highest level of data security and context relevancy. By restricting access to only the relevant parties, Hailey maintains the confidentiality and privacy of the assessment data. This ensures that sensitive information is protected and that the assessment remains relevant to the specific context in which it is being conducted. 

We’re very excited about this new capability, and we hope you are too. Learn more here.  

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year’s break.

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